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Excellent IT Leadership

Our flagship 5-day programme covers technology leadership skills and gives the inside track on what makes a top technology leader.Topics include personal leadership and branding, leading technology teams, building influence, technology innovation, IT to business alignment, top-level leadership, and more.

Excellent IT Leadership is first and foremost a practical and interactive course. It combines our own experience with that of over 1,000 clients and delegates and has identified the most valuable lessons on the road to delivering exceptional IT leadership. Delegate feedback has allowed us to tune the course profile to deliver a careful blend of models and guidelines, supported with carefully designed, enjoyable and interactive role plays, case studies and team exercises.

Excellent IT Leadership


Introduction to Excellent IT Leadership
The course starts with introductions and confirmation of delegate objectives.
• What makes an IT leader?
• The five key IT leadership skills

Personal Leadership
Daniel Goleman’s model of emotional intelligence emphasises personal leadership — our ability to understand ourselves and achieve our best.
• How CIOs optimize time and activity
• Secrets of successful CIOs
• Leadership opportunities for IT professionals
• Building and maintaining reputation
• Developing a personal brand

Team Leadership
Our “world class IT” model has been 5 years in the making, and identifies three stages in the development of top performing IT teams:
• The 3 tiers of high performing IT teams
• Team essentials
• Creating the right team spirit
• Organising IT teams for optimum results
• Selecting and motivating top IT talent
• Developing staff in real time
• Maximizing performance


Peer Leadership – Leadership Profiles
Day 2 uses two leadership models to help IT managers identify their leadership and management style and use it to best effect.The first model looks at how we make decisions and assimilate information, and is a highly effective tool for improving team effectiveness and building influence.The second model looks at
leadership archetypes and gives additional insight into our motivations and applies it to improve effectiveness when working with other managers.
• Styles of leadership
• How we make decisions
• The archetype model
• Styles of leadership
• Understanding your own leadership profile
• Recognizing different leadership types
• Influencing strategies for the different leadership styles


Peer Leadership – Corporate Politics
IT is at the heart of all business and has a key role to
play in many of the key corporate and political decisions. Using the work from day 2, we look at how to build
strong business relationships in the business and
increase our circle of influence.
• Corporate politics — the inside track
• A political game
• A model for political success
• Case study ‘The Runaway Project’

Peer Leadership – Building Influence
We review the effect of corporate politics on IT success, using guidelines from Dr Robina Chatham’s book, “Corporate Politics for IT Managers.” Delegates learn specific techniques to raise their profile and personal brand.
• Developing successful political networks
• Raising your political profile
• Assessing political power and leverage
• Techniques for building influence
• Becoming a ‘network kingpin’ for your company


Technology & Innovation Leadership
IT leaders need to be at the forefront of technical innovation. Day 4 takes delegates through the technology innovation process, with techniques for fostering creativity, developing ideas and plotting technology vision.
• The process of innovation
• Creating the conditions and urgency for innovation
• The creative mindset
• The innovation workshop — fostering innovation
• Identifying problems and creating ideas
• The importance of technology in innovation
• Selecting the best innovation ideas
• Lanterns to the future — creating technology vision
• Case study ‘Innovating in industry’

Corporate Leadership
This module focuses on corporate leadership and the high level role of senior IT executives. It is based on research and interviews with CIOs and technology leaders from around the world.
• IT leaders at board level — what CEOs look for in their CIOs
• The changing role of the CIO
• Skills for the new Chief Digital Officer
• The responsibilities of IT corporate leadership
• A (video) role model for corporate IT leadership


IT to Business Alignment — Reality

Our IT to business alignment model is a proven process for delivering business results and enhancing the perception of IT.
• A process model for IT to business alignment
• Alignment through good governance
• Technology governance structures
• Using governance to improve KPI results
• Case examples of governance models

IT to Business Alignment — Perception
• Alignment through people
• Managing and enhancing IT perception
• The importance of IT’s brand
• Aligning reality and perception
• Bringing it all together — a business alignment game

Course Close
• An action list for the future
• IT Leaders network
• Wrap up (typically 3 p.m)




As part of our quest to improve the quality of our courses and the value delegates receive, we are now certifying course completion at two levels. Silver medals and a certificate are awarded to delegates who have successfully completed the full course.

Gold medal certification is available for delegates who in addition have also completed the five nominated course assignments. Each assignment typically takes one hour to complete and is independently assessed by nominated, independent IT management specialists.


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