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Implementing PRINCE2®

How to Embed PRINCE2® Into Your Organisation

In order to achieve a noticeable improvement in project performance from the application of a project management methodology such as PRINCE2, it is necessary to   go   beyond   simply providing accreditation training to project managers.  The focus needs to shift from training individuals to changing how the whole organisation thinks and acts about projects.

PRINCE2 can be applied effectively and efficiently only by embedding it as part of the organisation’s project methodology, aligning the business processes, roles, staff, skills, information flow and tools to the use of the method. This change in an organisation’s thinking and actions about projects can and needs to be achieved via a managed “programme of business change”.

The purpose of this course is to discuss and investigate how to implement PRINCE2 within an organisation.  We will look at  the overall process and key outcomes of implementing PRINCE2, how to identify, define and execute an appropriate change programme, the criteria for selecting the most appropriate  implementation approach  and the key roles and responsibilities.

We will look in some detail at some of the information that is required in order to plan, execute and monitor the implementation, and how to ensure that the changes and ensuing benefits are not lost over time.

We will also look at the relationship between project management and other business processes and disciplines, and see how benefits can be maximised by integrating PRINCE2 with other methods and frameworks.


PRINCE2® is a registered trademark of the Cabinet Office. The Swirl logoTM is a trademark of the Cabinet Office.

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